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Delicious Pierogi with Cottage Cheese


Name and pronunciation: pierogi z serem [pee-yeh-ro-ghi z seh-rem] – there is no need for the “s” at the end so often used in English. “Pierogi” is already a plural form.
Description: dumplings with dry cottage cheese
Type of cuisine: Polish

This is a true taste of my childhood. My late maternal grandmother made the best pierogi with cheese. This recipe is based on how she made them.

Approximately 40 pieces • Preparation time: about 60 minutes • Resting time: 30 minutes (optional) • Cooking time: 1-2 minutes


With fresh pierogi, you have a choice between serving them just cooked, or frying them. After cooling or freezing, you should fry them.

Both fresh and fried pierogi with cottage cheese are perfect when served with fried onions or sour cream.


one portion of pierogi dough

Cottage cheese filling:
 250 g Polish dry cottage cheese 
 250 g potatoes
 1 large onion
 1 teaspoon salt (to taste)
 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper (to taste)
 2 teaspoons black seed (Nigella Sativa, to taste)


Make a portion of dough and set it aside for 30 minutes.

Cook the potatoes until very soft. Cool them and mash them thoroughly.

Chop the onion and fry it until brown, but not crispy yet. Mix all the ingredients together.

Make pierogi following instructions.



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DeeDee Ostrowska-Abdulhusein

I believe food has an amazing potential of bringing people of many different cultures together and is the best way to cross-over to a different part of the world without ever leaving your kitchen.

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